Industry specific products for General Machine Construction

As versatile as the industry


Customized SIMATIC Products for all kinds of machines

In every machine you develop lies your core expertise as a machine builder. Of course, in implementing your innovative and powerful solutions you depend on products and systems that meet all your requirements and allow sufficient scope for your individual machine concept. With our automation components SIMATIC Controller, SIMATIC IPC and SIMATIC HMI you are optimally prepared and equipped for this.

Anyone looking to draw on additional benefits for use in specific sectors can obtain a wide variety of highly specialized products from our Customized Automation Program, such as:

  • HMI IPC fronts with resistance to oils and lubricants

  • HMI IPC fronts with additional function keys that simplify the operation of movements

  • Panels or HMI IPCs which need limited installation space, e.g. that have a slim profile or   are installed upright with portrait-format display

  • Peripheral modules for controls that adapt specific input signals for the controller

  • Function cards for IPCs, e.g. for communication or for inputs/outputs

  • All-round IP65 protected panels with a flexible front concept that can be flange-mounted, fully encapsulated,  onto the machine

  • or a mobile panel with larger display and Remote Operate-Client function

These sector products can also be obtained with a customized logo and with individual colors for your own distinctive machine design.

Application examples

  • Printing machines

  • Drilling, milling, honing machines

  • Brake test stands

  • Injection molding machines

  • Bakery ovens

  • Operator stations in the automotive industry