Industry specific products for the Food & Beverage or Pharmaceutical industry


Customized products for food&beverage and Pharmaceutical industry

In the production of food and beverages and in the pharmaceuticals field, compliance with quality and hygiene requirements is a key competitive factor. Likewise, automation components in production have to conform to the high safety standards and ensure high levels of productivity through reliable continuous operation.

Hygiene areas in food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals or fine chemicals all share these requirements:
Items and equipment which come into contact with food must

  • be such that they can be kept clean, and can be disinfected and maintained,   and have no adverse effect on the food and beverages.

  • installed in such a way that the immediate environment can be cleaned appropriately.  The relevant directives, standards and legislative requirements,   such as e.g. EHEDG, FDA, DIN EN 1672-2 (Hygienic Design), GMP, LMHV, LMBG must be observed.

Panels and HMI IPCs with touch screens and stainless steel fronts have been designed for use in the food, beverages and tobacco industry and for operator control and monitoring close to food processing machines. For this reason, the devices with stainless steel front have been developed in compliance with DIN EN 1672-2 "Food processing machinery –  Safety and Hygiene Requirements"


  • Simpler cleaning thanks to resistant and rugged stainless steel front with smooth surface,  and minimal grooves and gaps

  • High degree of protection (IP66K) on the front for increased seal and ruggedness

  • Food-standard sealing material and shatter protection for the display to prevent contamination of the foodstuffs

  • Optimized frame design almost flush with the control cabinet so that liquids can run off

  • Device front fulfills the safety and hygiene requirements of DIN EN 1672-2

  • Decorative membrane tested against chemicals in accordance with DIN 42115, Part 2

  • Food-standard flat seal in accordance with FDA 21 CFR 177.2006 and KTW

  • Rear tensioning frame for even application pressure of the sea

  • External dimensions and installation measurements as for corresponding standard product

In addition, you will receive device variants that are individually optimized to your needs in terms of

  • Degree of protection

  • Ruggedness

  • Temperature resistance

  • Design and installation versions

  • Suitability for clean room use

  • Certification in accordance with ATEX

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