Product examples from the various industries

SIMATIC Products to meet your industry specific requirements


Customized SIMATIC products are optimized with additional features for use in specific industry sectors such as e.g. the highly robust stainless steel fronts of SIMATIC HMI Industrial PCs for the food and beverages industry. The special thing about them is that, with the exception of their front panels, the devices are identical in terms of functionality and technology to the tried-and-tested  standard products.

We can offer customized products for the following sectors:

  • Renewable energy

  • General machine construction

  • Automotive Industry - HMI for production automation

  • Food and beverages industry, pharmaceuticals

  • Oil & gas, chemicals industry and shipbuilding

Sector products are developed with the customer  in accordance with an individual product agreement and produced to the highest quality standards.

Product examples from the various industries