PROFINET I/O Controller for SIMATIC ET 200

Softnet PN-IO Linux allows you to build open control systems based on standard PC hardware. As a result, the system is easy to use for complex control functions. The planned Profinet I/O devices are controlled by the computer configured as the PN-IO controller.

Area of application

Open Control systems for applications within

  • Traffic engineering

  • Sorting machines

  • Building technologies

  • Power generation

  • Storage systems

  • Automatic machines

  • Packaging


  • No need for additional communications hardware

  • Use of standard PC hardware

  • Planning with standard STEP 7/NCM PC tools

  • Low-cost connection of field devices to Industrial Ethernet using Profinet

  • Fast access to I/O data via the I/O Base interface for integration in C/C++ applications

  • Connection of field devices via WLAN.

Design and function

PN-IO Base is the programming interface, based on C/C++, with a design similar to the DP Base interface that is part of the CP 5613 A2 and CP 5614 A2 Profibus modules. This similar design greatly simplifies porting of existing Profibus DP master applications to PN-IO controller applications. Softnet PN-IO Linux can run on open PC architectures, meaning that Linux systems can be used for all other functions, such as Web server, gateway, visualization or data collection.

Technical data

Softnet Profinet IO Controller

Article No.: 2XV9450-1PN00

General information

Size of I/O data areas per connected device

Updating time

100 Mb full duplex /WLAN

With Softnet, the entire protocol stack is processed on the PC. As a result of this architecture, performance depends on the design and the workload of the used PC. The update values for WLAN connections are guidelines only; a greater amount of time may be necessary depending on the quality of the WLAN connection.