Customized HMI Software

HMI Remote Operate Software

HMI Remote Operate software is Ethernet-based software for industrial remote operation applications.
The software (server) enables the creation of a multi-user system with HMI IPCs.
The up to 6 operator stations (slaves) based on SIMATIC Thin Clients with MP 377 and PC477-OEM, with an identical image to the server, can be assigned to multiple servers simultaneously.

KNX / EIB2S7 - Connecting building automation systems with SIMATIC S7

With rising energy awareness and increased requirements regarding user-friendliness, security and safety, recent years have seen building automation facing far-reaching demands.

Bus systems for building management systems, such as KNX/EIB, and a host of available components for these are used for implementing the corresponding systems. While controllers are used for local automation at the room level, field-proven industrial components like SIMATIC are employed in the case of more complex, higher-level automation.

Communication between the automation levels takes place over Ethernet using special KNXnet/IP interfaces.

The KNX/EIB2S7 software package provides blocks for communication between SIMATIC S7 and building automation components. This means telegrams of the KNX bus can be processed in a SIMATIC controller


Article No.

KNX/EIB2S7 Editor and function blocks


Customized Software Suite

Customer images are pre-loaded in the factory. This also includes the generation of operating systems

  • e.g. for Windows XP Embedded

  • and the RMOS 3 real-time operating system from Siemens

  • for customer-specific preinstalled LINUX operating systems

Integration and installation of driver software and image storage

  • e.g. for additional plug-in cards, controllers and memory media

  • for complete, turnkey systems