SIMATIC ET 200S Interface Modules


Via interface modules the ET 200S is connected to the bus system, either the proven fieldbus PROFIBUS or PROFINET,  the leading Industrial Ethernet Standard.  ET 200S Interface Modules are offered with or without CPU functionality in standard or failsafe  variants.
In addition there are variants for an extended temperature range (SIPLUS).

Interface Modules with integrated CPU

The interface modules with integrated CPU can be used both in stand-alone modeand for distributed automation solutions with a medium- sized program. They correspond to an S7-300 CPU 314 and enable distributed preprocessing of the production data locally. Depending on the version, communication can take place via MPI/PROFIBUS and/or PROFINET. This has the following advantages:

  • Relieves the central control unit

  • Reduction in the response times to critical local signals

  • More transparent and shorter programs

  • Easier trouble-shooting

  • Less load on the bus system

  • Modularization of the system structure and precommissioning also at different sites

The following Interface Modules with integrated CPUs are available:

  • IM 151-7 CPU and IM 151-7 CPU FO communicate as  PROFIBUS DP-Slave with the higher level controller.  When adding a DP master module the IM 151-7  expanded with an integrated DP master interface. A lower-level PROFIBUS line can then be configured with further distibuted I/O.

  • The IM 151-8 PN/DP CPU offers both PROFIBUS as well as PROFINET interfaces. When running as an PROFINET IO-Controller up to 128 IO-Devices can be connected.The PROFINET interface with integrated 3-port switch allows line topology. Optional the IM can run as an PROFIBUS master for 32 PROFIBUS DP slaves (like the IM 151-7).

Interface Modules with failsafe CPU

The safety-related, intelligent SIMATIC interface modules IM 151-7 F-CPU for the ET 200S are designed to meet the demands of the lower performance range.
They can be expanded in a centralized configuration with the safety ET 200S I/O modules or distributed via PROFIBUS or PROFINET. The intelligent ET 200S station can also be used as stand-alone, i.e. without PROFIBUS or PROFINET cable.
Additionally the IM 151-7 F-CPU is also available as a PROFIBUS DP master which can be used with a standard controller or as a stand-alone CPU (incl. safety modules).
The IM 151-7 F-CPU offers a combined DP/MPI interface.

Beside the IM 151-8 PN  F-CPU offers a PROFINET interface with 3 ports. PROFINET line or ring topologies can be easily realised. E.g. additionally a programming device can be connected via the third available port. Additionally you get a comfortable access to the modules and diagnosis data by the integrated webserver.

Both modules comply with safety requirements up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508, IEC 62061 and Cat. 4 according to EN 954-1.

Interface Modules without CPU

Interface module for linking the ET 200S to PROFIBUS DP (IM 151-1 in six variants) or PROFINET (IM 151-3 in three variants) handles all data exchange with the higher-level I/O Controllers.

The following variants for connection to PROFIBUS are available

  • IM151-1 BASIC (RS485)

  • IM151-1 COMPACT 32DI DC24V (RS485)

  • IM151-1 COMPACT 16DI DC24V / 16DO DC24V/0,5A (RS485)

  • IM151-1 STANDARD (RS485)

  • IM151-1 STANDARD (FO)

  • IM151-1 HIGH FEATURE (RS485)

The IM 151-1 interface modules are directly snapped onto the standard mounting rail.

They feature:

  • DIP switch for setting the PROFIBUS DP station address (1 to 125)

  • Diagnostics displays for group faults, bus faults and power supply

  • Labeling strips for identification

The IM 151-1 is available in "Standard" and "High Feature" versions

The "High Feature" version features the following additional functions

  • Cycle synchronization on PROFIBUS DP

  • The data transfer as far as the module is equidistant

  • Safety modules can be used with PROFIsafe

  • PROFIBUS DP V1- slave according to EN50170, Vol. 2

  • Fiber-optic cable with integral attenuation diagnostics for easier maintenance

  • Slave-to-slave communication

SIMATIC ET 200S Compact

The Interface Module IM 151-1 COMPACT permits use as a block I/O. The functionality is based on the IM 151-1 BASIC and comprises an interface module and 32 channels in one block. Two different variants of the ET 200S COMPACT are offered – either a station with 32 digital inputs or mixed with 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs.

By expanding the block with ET 200S modules (up to 12 modules), a total of 128 channels can be connected to the SIMATIC ET 200S COMPACT. Thus frequently required inputs/outputs in block form can be combined with bit-modular specialist modules such as motor starters, frequency converters, pneumatics, etc.

Expansions with the 8- channel modules support an extremely high packing density. As a result, one terminal box can accommodate more components or a smaller terminal box can be used.

SIMATIC ET 200S COMPACT with additional I/O Modules