SIMATIC ET 200SP - Peripheral Modules


Scalable and cost-optimized configuration of a ET 200SP station is achieved by a comprehensive portfolio of Peripheral Modules. there are digital and analog IO modules, as well as Communication and Technology Modules.

SIMATIC ET 200SP is about 50% narrower than other distributed peripheries. With its height of 115 millimeters, the system can accommodate 16 channels with single-wire connection (without AUX-plugs). For a 3-wire connection with AUX-plugs the height for 8 channels is 140 millimeters. The depth is 75 millimeters. In order to keep its small size, the power module for load group formation is integrated into the system of SIMATIC ET 200SP.

The peripheral modules are labelled with different colored squares to identify easily the type of module.

  • Digital Input Module (DI) 8/16 channels , Color white

  • Digital Output Modules (DQ) 4/8/16 channels, Color black

  • Analog Input Modules (AI) 4 channels, Color light blue

  • Analog Output Modules (AQ) 2/4 channels, Color dark blue