SIMATIC ET 200MP - Interface Modules

Header module of the I/O-station and connection to PLC

The interface module (IM) connects SIMATIC ET 200MP to PROFINET or PROFIBUS and exchanges data between the higher-level controller and the I/O modules.

ET 200MP is especially suitable for use in plants with large and very large configuration limits. The connection to PROFINET and PROFIBUS allows ET 200MP to be installed either centrally in the control cabinet or distributed in plants covering large areas.
As many as 30 modules may be operated behind the PROFINET modules (max. 12 with PROFIBUS).

Design and function

The PROFINET function "Shared Device" allows logical distribution of large configuration limits of one station among up to 2 or 4 PROFINET IO controllers. Large configuration limits can be grouped behind an IM in order to the connect the data logically to various IO controllers. This saves the installation of interface modules and hence costs.

The ET 200MP supports all the MSI and MSO (Modular Shared Input; Modular Shared Output) functions. With MSI, the input data of a digital or analog input module can be logically mirrored on up to four IO controllers (depending on IM type).
With MSO, the data that an IO controller writes to a digital or analog output module can be read back by up to 3 additional IO controllers.
MSI/MSO thus helps to save on wiring. In addition, communication is only configured. No programming of communication devices or other mechanisms is needed. This simplifies the software engineering and considerably improves the servicing and maintenance of the user program. Changes and adjustments can also be easily made at a later date without affecting the user program.

Due to the so-called "Proximity detection" on PROFINET (LLDP), the ET 200MP interface modules no longer require memory cards. This simplifies the handling of the IMs during replacement and also saves costs. If an IM fails, it can simply be removed and a new IM inserted. The IP address and the new name are automatically assigned to this new module by the proximity detection. The configuration management ("option handling") can be used to configure plants in their maximum configuration and to expand them at a later date without the help of an engineering tool.
Added options (plant components) can be easily activated by pressing a button.

Product range

For connecting to PROFINET the following Interface Modules are available:

  • IM 155-5 PN ST
    Article number: 6ES7 155-5AA00-0AB0

  • IM 155-5 PN HF
    Article number: 6ES7 155-5AA00-0AC0

For connecting to PROFIBUS the following Interface Module is available

  • IM 155-5 DP ST
    Article number: 6ES7 155-5BA00-0AB0

These interface modules are integrated in the TIA Portal. In addition, GSD files available are available with which these interface modules can be integrated into any engineering tool and operated on any controller that supports PROFINET or PROFIBUS.

The IM155-5PN HF can also be operated on an S7-400H. So-called "S2 Redundancy" is hereby supported. The system is configured using the GSD file and STEP 7 5.5, SP3.

Technical Data


IM 155-5 DP ST

IM 155-5 PN ST

IM 155-5 PN HF



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