Siemens Network Planner

The Siemens Network Planner supports planners of automation systems based on PROFINET and supports the professional and proactive planning of a system. The software supports the planning and layout of PROFINET networks, especially if so-called "Non-Real-Time Communication" such as TCP/IP is used in addition to RT or IRT communication.

The tool calculates and simulates the network load in a PROFINET network and shows critical points where the network load is too high. In addition, it simulates the real-time data (Real-time communication between IO controllers and IO devices) as well as the Non-Real-Time communication caused e.g. by standard Ethernet nodes.

As a result, you will have you an overview and transparency about the network load of the planned network prior to installation and commissioning. If the Siemens Network Planner shows critical network sections, it is easy to redesign and restart the simulation.

In this way you can optimize the planned network, maximize exploitation of network resources, or plan reserves, and thereby avoid problems that might only become apparent during commissioning or even productive operation. This increases production availability and operational security.

  • Tool supported Network layout and simulation right at the planning phase

  • Optimization of the exploitation of available network resources

  • Avoid downtimes from network failures and increase of production availability

  • Ensure operational reliability by the use of traffic shapers

  • Cost optimization: "Real 1-cable solution"

  • Transparency of network load for IO data as well as NRT traffic down to the port level


Calculation and simulation of the network load

The benefits at a glance

  • Network optimization via calculation of the network load down to the port level

  • Increased production availability via online scan and verification of existing systems

  • Transparency before commissioning via import and simulation of existing STEP 7 projects