Device and Network Diagnostics

Get detailed information on diagnostic tools with PROFINET in this film:

Diagnostics with PROFINET – simple, fast, reliable

PROFINET provides an exceptionally powerful means of diagnosing faults in machines and plants. By retaining the proven device model of PROFIBUS, the same diagnostics information is also available on PROFINET. In addition, Siemens offers useful tools for structuring machine and plant architecture, suitable for each project phase.

TIA Portal, the complete engineering tool with system diagnosis

  • System diagnostics without programming

  • Fast fault localization

  • Transparent status reporting

  • Standard display concept

PRONETA, developed specifically for the start-up

  • Fast, convenient checking of the configuration

  • Diagnosis of all components at a glance

  • Setting up of the components, simple configuration functions

  • I/O check for rapid testing of the wiring of a system

SINEMA Server for local and long-distance diagnostics in large networks

  • Maximum transparency in the network thanks to  automatic topology recognition

  • Long-term network monitoring  – for a consistently high level of reliability

  • Comprehensive diagnostic and reporting functions

  • Fast identification and localization of network faults

BusAnalyser for the network diagnosis of PROFINET in plant operation

  • Direct online analysis in real time

  • Precise information about the quality of the network

  • Fast fault analyses and improvements in system operating performance

  • Coordination and verification of  message structure, message times and message synchronization

SINETPLAN, Siemens Network Planner, for the optimized support for planning and operating your PROFINET network

  • Network optimization thanks to port-selective calculation of the network load

  • Increased production availability thanks to online scan and verification of existing systems

  • Transparency before commissioning thanks to simulation of the network load of imported STEP 7 projects

  • Efficiency through securing existing investment in the long term and optimal exploitation of resources


  • PROFINET adopts the proven device diagnostics of PROFIBUS with the additional advantage of being able to read out diagnostics entries without an engineering system.

  • Access to diagnostic information via web interface or directly via UDP/IP with standard mechanisms all the way down to the field level.

  • Network diagnostics information can be called up via the IT standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), for example.

  • In addition, Siemens offers right diagnostic tools for each project phase.


  • Easy and efficient access to the relevant device and network information during commissioning and servicing allows quick clearing of faults.

  • Only a standard browser is needed for trouble-shooting. Thus, service and maintenance can be carried out regardless of the location and engineering system.

  • Fewer sources of error and higher productivity by using the right diagnostic tool.