Clear added value throughout a process plant’s entire lifecycle

The establishment of a uniform communication structure throughout the plant is becoming increasingly important in the process industry. PROFINET supports safe and fast data exchange on all levels – thus ensuring increased flexibility, efficiency and performance.


Concept and engineering




Operation and maintenance

PROFINET fulfills requirements of the process industry during the planning and engineering phases.

• Parallel realization of both central and distributed solutions

• Increased overall plant profitability through rapid commissioning

• Flexible plant modifications and adjustments

PROFINET facilitates integrated communication from the management to the field level – for greater efficiency during commissioning.

• Rapid localization of faulty or incorrectly configured devices

• Independent commissioning of individual plant parts

• Utilization of wireless technologies

PROFINET makes a significant contribution toward avoiding downtimes – and the enormous costs they entail.

• High availability through proactive and predictive maintenance

• High clock rates coupled with constant quality

• Intelligent safety concepts for person, environment and plant protection



Typical applications at a glance

  • Burner controls

  • Boiler controls

  • Fire & gas systems

  • Gas tanks

  • Fertilizer production

  • Mixing and dispensing

  • Breweries

  • Wastewater treatment

Concept and engineering

Efficient engineering is the most decisive factor for plant manufacturers. However, this represents a challenge in expansive, complex plants often seen in the process industry: System architectures have to be as flexible as possible and also have to support joint usability to allow for the realization of both central and distributed solutions. At the same time, not only commissioning is to be implemented as rapidly and smoothly as possible in order to increase the plant’s profitability. Also plant modifications and adjustments have to be possible at any time. Our answer: PROFINET for the process industry.

Your advantages of PROFINET for process automation at a glance

  • Flexible topologies
    Complete spectrum of supported architectures such as line, star, ring or mixed architectures for the plant’s individual adjustability; thanks to the use of VD technology, also existing lines such as PROFIBUS can be further used and even larger distances can be bridged

  • One cable for everything
    Transfer of all required data via a single network: diagnostics, safety, I/O, energy efficiency and TCP/IP data.

  • Safety
    Functional safety thanks to Safety Integrated, integrated in engineering, communication and devices; communication is realized via PROFIsafe

  • Open standard
    Integrated communication of products by various manufacturers based on a harmonized standard (IEC 61158/61784)

  • Expandability
    Option handling for expansion of stations in PROFINET networks as well as within the stations themselves, without impact on the network performance