Wireless communication sets new standards

Wireless communication offers many new possibilities in the industry for particularly flexible and efficient automation solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of products from industrial wireless communication to remote networks based on IWLAN and WirelessHART to WiMAX.

Whether your applications include cranes, driverless transport systems or telecontrol/teleservicing: Our components for wireless communication cover various indoor as well as outdoor applications and are distinguished by their reliability, robustness and safety – even under the toughest conditions.

Industrial Wireless LAN

Reliable and fail-safe: Our SCALANCE W IWLAN products are the solution for wireless data transmission – from simple wireless applications to high-performance applications via PROFINET.

Remote Networks

From leased lines to the internet: With our components for remote communication using various types of remote networks, reliable and safe network solutions for telecontrol and teleservicing are easy to implement.


Special requirements need special solutions: Discover our WirelessHART components – specially suitable for wireless communication on the field level in the process industry.


Discover our WiMAX solutions from the RUGGEDCOM WIN product series: the first wireless broadband product portfolio for private networks that provides the advantages of 4G technology to the toughest working environments.

  • Wireless communications for Oil&Gas

    Wireless communications for Oil&Gas

    Wireless communications are well-suited for the oil and gas industry, especially in remote production facility locations, both on- and offshore

  • Seamless redundancy via IWLAN

    Seamless redundancy via IWLAN

    Seamless redundancy with iPRP technology enables highest availability

  • Central monitoring increases a water supply’s reliability

    One of the biggest waterworks in Europe counts on an integrated telemetry solution

  • Accuracy thanks to ultra-precise control

    Wireless Communication enables reliable Operation of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems

  • Georgetown, Texas

    RUGGEDCOM WIN wireless broadband upgrades mission-critical communications

  • The Virtual Doctor is always on-site

    WiMAX Communication Technology from Siemens RUGGEDCOM for Telemedical Emergency Management in Maritime/Offshore Scenarios

  • IRC Sinema

    RCoax in the amusement park EUROPA-Park Rust

    See one of the attractions in the amusement park EUROPA-Park Rust near Freiburg: flying machines with fail-safe wireless communication via PROFINET

  • Industrial Wireless Communication in HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder

    Experience a future-proof logistics concept: automated guided vehicles – controlled by Industrial Wireless LAN

  • Überwachung von Müllverdichtern

    IWLAN at Swiss Steel

    High plant availability and reliable communication in heavy industry – with IWLAN networks by Siemens