SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Professional (TIA Portal)

The SCADA system for multi-user solutions inside TIA Portal

The data volume in modern industrial plants is growing continously. Modern and powerful SCADA solutions today must be able to quickly process huge amounts of data and archive this data for long periods.
At the same time, new technologies are introduced in the industry and global solutions require mobile access to all of the plant information.

With SIMATIC WinCC Professional, Siemens offers a SCADA system which is perfectly intgrated in the TIA Portal and with which you are optimally prepared for the requirements of the increasing digitalization of production processes.

SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Professional is a PC-based operator control and monitoring system for visualization and operator control of processes, production flows, machines and plants in all sectors – from the simple single-user station through to distributed multi-user systems and cross-location solutions with web clients. WinCC Runtime Professional is the information hub for corporation-wide vertical integration.

  • Industry-standard functions for signaling and acknowledging events, archiving of messages and measured values, logging of all process and configuration data, user administration, can be expanded flexibly with VB and C scripts

  • Basic package expandable by means of option packages

  • Also included are APIs for the Runtime to utilize the open programming interfaces

  • Integration of customer-specific ActiveX Controls created with WinCC ControlDevelopment

Design and functions

Features at a glance

Visualization via Windows- compliant user interface

Alarms and messages

Logging of alarms and process values


Documentation of process data, alarm events, and recipes

Individually expandable

Language support for multilingual projects

User administration

Open communication

WinCC WebUX for Runtime Professional

WinCC WebNavigator for Runtime Professional

WinCC DataMonitor for Runtime Professional

The system solution for efficient production

SCADA IPC Packages

SIMATIC WinCC professional and SIMATIC Industrial PCs form a high-performance and flexible platform for the acquisisition, evaluation and visualization of data. Thus you rely on a coordinated development and integrated end-to-end functionality of hardware and software, which pays off over the entire life cycle.


SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Professional is available as a software package with 128, 512, 2048, 4096, 8192, 65535, 102 400, 153 600 or 262 144 PowerTags. PowerTags are data points that are connected to controllers or other data sources via a WinCC Runtime Professional channel.
Up to 32 alarms can be obtained from one data point. Moreover, internal tags without coupling are available for additional system performance.
WinCC Runtime Professional also contains 500 archive tags. Additional archive licenses can be obtained for greater quantity structures.

When ordering via Industry Mall you can use a easy to handle filter mechanism to find out the right WinCC Runtime Professional license

Licenses for a multi-user configuration
The system software with the required number of PowerTags and additionally the SIMATIC WinCC Server for Runtime Professional option must be installed on the server. For the clients in the basic configuration, a SIMATIC WinCC Client for Runtime Professional license is sufficient.

The constant development of SIMATIC software makes sure that all automation components are integrated at the latest levels.
Get yourself informed about topics like Software Update Service, types of licenses, Online Software Delivery and the administration of your licenses by using the  Automation License Manager.

System requirements

WinCC Runtime Professional (TIA-Portal) V14

Operating systems

Recommended Hardware with 32 Bit OS

Recommended Hardware with 64 Bit OS

* In combination with options, more powerful systems may be required