SIMATIC WinCC Server / WinCC Client (TIA Portal)

Setup of a multi-user SCADA system


A multi-user system is used whenever the same process is to be monitored at several operator stations. When the option is used, several operator control and monitoring stations are coordinated to operate together with networked automation systems. The server supplies the connected clients with process and archive data, messages, pictures and logs. The result of an operator action at one operator station, for example, changing a value or message acknowledgment, is immediately available to all other operator stations.


  • Integrated scalability from the single-user system to the client/server solution

  • Economic solution for SCADA applications with higher complexity

  • Configuration of distributed operator stations with little effort


The server establishes the connection to the automation system, handles the communication and coordination of the clients, and performs all archiving in the integrated Microsoft SQL database. WinCC clients access the configuration data of the server directly. Access rights are used to define the functions or plant sections that are available to a user on an operator station. The configured authorizations are user-related, not computer-related. They therefore work with all operator stations with the same login.


The following licenses are required for setting up a multi-user system::

  • WinCC Server license on the server in addition to a WinCC RT license

  • One WinCC Client license on each client.