TIA Portal Cloud Connector

Flexible access to centralized IT infrastructure

The TIA Portal Cloud Connector enables access to local PG/PC interfaces and connected SIMATIC hardware from the TIA Portal Engineering while the engineering is taking place via a remote desktop on a server of a private cloud..

The TIA Portal Cloud Connector provides flexibility in the daily work routine via remote access.


  • Central software management on a private cloud server for various TIA Portal Engineering software and versions – making local installation on the workstation computer superfluous

  • Online access from the server via the workstation to PLC/HMI hardware in the laboratory or in a production cell

  • Reduction of workplace hardware requirements


  • The TIA Portal Cloud Connector tunnels the S7 communication between engineering software on the server and the local interfaces of the personal computer

  • In order to activate communication, the TIA Portal Cloud Connector must be started at both ends – server and personal computer.

  • Communication takes place as standard with TCP/IP (uncoded). A coded HTTPS connection can be used starting with Windows 8.1. For this purpose, authentication and encryption certificates must be exchanged between server and personal computer.

  • Using his/her personal computer, the user can be connected to the server via a remote desktop and directly access PLC/HMI hardware connected to the personal computer online.



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TIA Portal Cloud Connector