Easy Motion Control (TIA Portal)

Software-based solution for position-controlled tasks

Easy Motion Control (TIA Portal)

Easy Motion Control is the flexible and low-cost softwarebased solution for position-controlled tasks with SIMATIC controllers. Easy Motion Control is comprised of function blocks for the controller and parameterization software.

Area of application

Applications include approaching absolute positions or relative traversing, as well as simple gearbox synchronism, both with linear and rotary axes. The application areas include positioning axes and operating axes, as well as feed and transport axes. On-the-fly transition to a new motion is possible. Easy Motion Control is the obvious choice when 1 to 5 axes per machine are to be traversed. Memory requirements are between 10 and 20 KB for the first axis. Each subsequent axis requires only 1KB

Notice: For SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500 Easy Motion Control is not required, the corresponding technology objects are seamlessly integrated in the controllers firmware according to the Technology Integrated concept of the latest hardware generation.


  • Free choice of drives (except stepper motors)

  • Standard interface in accordance with PLCopen Motion Control

  • Can be flexibly integrated into the STEP 7 program

  • Support for isochronous mode

Mode of operation

The positioning operation is carried out using the function blocks loaded into the controller. The standardized interface in accordance with PLCopen Motion Control enables simple and seamless integration into the user program.The positioning task can be parameterized and started up comfortably with STEP 7 and the supplied parameterization software. No special motion control language is required. Different interface modules can be used for encoder acquisition and setpoint output, depending on the application. Input and output drivers are available for the most interface modules. In addition, universal drivers enable the connection of any actual value and setpoint interfaces.

Input drivers for position acquisition for

  • CPU 314C

  • SM 338

  • FM 350-1, FM 450-1

  • ET 200S 1 SSI

  • ET 200S 1 Count

  • PROFIBUS DP absolute encoder

  • Universal drivers for any interface modules

Output drivers for controlling the drive for

  • CPU 314C

  • SM 332, SM 432

  • ET 200S 2 AO U


  • Universal driver


The license model in the TIA-Portal differs from the license model in Step 7 V5.5. In contrast to Easy Motion Control V2.1, Easy Motion Control (TIA Portal) also requires a license for the engineering.
Starting with V13, the option package Easy Motion Control is part of STEP 7 (TIA Portal). With the installation of STEP 7 (TIA portal), you automatically receive the current version of Easy Motion Control.
A Runtime License is required for each CPU on which Easy Motion Control blocks run.