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SIMATIC Automation Tool

The easy support for commissioning, adjusting and service

SIMATIC Automation Tool

You can now access all connected controllers simultaneously. Operating and maintaining automation networks could be done without engineering framework.

With the scan function you can see at a glance which controllers have an IP address, by clicking on the DOWNLOAD icon, you can assign IP addresses to the remaining machines. You can also set the time for all machines. If you want to stop all the controllers and then restart them, that can also be done easily at the press of a button

If an incident requiring service occurs while the plant is in operation, order to download a diagnostics buffer from the controller. Naturally you can trace all the changes you’ve made at any time.

Functionality in combination with S7-1200 and S7-1500 Controllers

All named features can operate in parallel to various CPUs:

  • Scan an Ethernet network and identify all devices connected to the Network

  • Assign addresses (IP, subnet, gateway) and station name (PROFINET device)

  • Set the time in a CPU to the current time in your PG/PC

  • Download a program to a CPU (no failsafe programs)

  • Put a CPU in RUN or STOP mode

  • Backup/Restore CPU data to/from a backup file (no failsafe)

  • Flash the lights on a CPU to help physically locate the CPU

  • Upload fault information from a CPU

  • Read the diagnostic log from a CPU

  • Reset a CPU to factory default settings

  • Update firmware in a CPU and attached modules

  • Save time working with devices as a group and using parallel processing threads

  • Automated processing based on using API

  • Document and save your network information
    - in a standard text .csv file or
    - an encrypted & password protected .sat file

Supported products

  • S7-1500 Standard/Compact/Failsafe* CPUs incl. central modules and backup/restore

  • S7-1200 Standard/Failsafe* CPUs incl. central modules

  • ET 200SP Standard/Failsafe* CPUs incl. central modules and backup/restore

  • Firmware update of decentralized IO devices – PROFINET and PROFIBUS

*) No Backup/Restore support, Reset to factory, and Program download with Safety applications

Supported operations of Automation tool

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