Software for maintenance tasks


Consistently high productivity is the competitive requirement par excellence in every production. Production downtimes should be avoided if possible or - if that cannot be accomplished completely - be kept as minor as possible. Frequently, downtimes are also caused by less than optimal maintenance. Here, intelligent maintenance strategies can be employed, whose essential goal is to make the maintenance plannable, as a result of which downtimes are considerably reduced.

SIMATIC TeleService

Machines and plants are increasingly operated in places which are far away from the place of manufacture. Manufacturers of plants must nevertheless be able to provide support in the event of a fault. Especially during the warranty period this can result in high costs. TeleService helps to reduce this risk. TeleService allows remote servicing of SIMATIC S7/C7 automation systems or HMI devices using the programming device or PC.


SIMATIC IPC come standard with a high level of ruggedness and reliability thanks to their industrial architecture. With the PC diagnostics/alarm software SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor, this level can be further increased. IPC DiagMonitor monitors, signals and visualizes the operating statuses of the SIMATIC IPC both locally and remotely. SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor detects possible hardware and software errors early. A number of safety-relevant operating parameters are monitored and visualized.