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Software for documentation tasks

Data acquisition - data input - data documentation - data structuring: The products below help you managing these tasks and thus form the basis for most of the processes in your plant. Appropriately structured documentation facilitates further execution of the project as well as the service work.


DOCPRO is provided as a software for creating and managing plant documentation. DOCPRO permits structuring of project data, the preparation in the form of wiring manuals, and the printout in a unified print image.DOCPRO provides convenient functions to develop and manage documentation as a wiring manual of the plant.

SIMATIC Manual Collection

The SIMATIC Manual Collection provides a comprehensive manual library in pocket-sized format. The interactive DVD contains the most important SIMATIC user documentation and brochures in electronic form.

My Documentation Manager

Especially for OEM or plant constructors the online service “My documentation Manager” provides interesting features. You can customize and rearrange or combine existing manuals and create system manuals. Replace your collected edition of device manuals with a plant-specific customized documentation.