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The course for the industrial world of tomorrow has already been set today. With SIMATIC SCADA, you are opting for a system with a future. Experience how SIMATIC SCADA can ideally equip you today for the requirements of tomorrow.

The data volume in modern industrial plants is growing continuously – and thus also the challenges on the utilized SCADA solutions: Enormous data volumes must be administered and archived for the long term. This is accompanied by increasing demands on performance.
Technologies, including some from the consumer environment, are finding their way into industry. Globalization calls for higher-level SCADA systems that will be used worldwide – and the need for mobile access to plant information is also growing. On top of all these requirements – in these times of ever increasing energy costs – is the need to improve energy efficiency and productivity.

Overview of the SIMATIC SCADA Portfolio

With SIMATIC SCADA systems, you are fit for the future

Whether for a single operator station, multiple operator stations or complex solutions, whether for small or large plants – SIMATIC SCADA systems will grow with your plant.

Siemens SCADA systems are scalable throughout the entire lifecycle, making it possible to expand existing systems at any time. That means investment security. Whether single-user systems, multi-user systems, or even widely distributed systems: you can use Siemens SCADA systems to visualize machines, lines, and entire plants and thus ensure transparency. As a result, you can identify optimization potential, minimize downtimes, and guarantee a short time-to-market.

The added value of SIMATIC SCADA systems





As the key to greater productivity, SIMATIC SCADA systems combine efficient engineering with powerful archiving and maximum data security. They form a solid foundation for efficient operational management and intelligent production analyses.

 WinCC Professional WinCC V7 WinCC OA

We offer stationary or mobile solutions to meet growing demands – with guaranteed security. To accomplish this, we draw upon more than 15 years of SCADA expertise in all industries. Whatever your requirements are, no matter how large or small – we have the right answer.

 WinCC Professional WinCC V7 WinCC OA




With mobile SCADA solutions, you can learn more anywhere and at any time – even with existing tablet or smartphone hardware. The use of multi-touch gestures in an industrial environment opens the door to modern and innovative operating concepts.

 WinCC Professional WinCC V7 WinCC OA

Special requests can be easily implemented thanks to the support of international standards as well as system-specific script and programming interfaces.

 WinCC Professional WinCC V7 WinCC OA
WinCC Partners

a network of partners included


as a complete package with IPC

WinCC Specialists and WinCC OA Partners are at your service as qualified solution providers worldwide. These certified and centrally audited partners realize your individual SCADA project, also with distributed client-server architectures involving redundancy or with applications involving energy data management systems.

 WinCC Specialists WinCC OA Partners

SIMATIC SCADA systems and SIMATIC IPCs - the powerful and reliable platform for data acquisition, processing and visualization. The consistent and certified complete package of hard- and software offers highest quality for all industries.



Due to their openness and flexibility, the SIMATIC SCADA systems can be used universally. References from many different industries prove the versatility and performance capability.


WinCC RT Professional

WinCC V7

WinCC Open Architecture

Juan José Albarracín s.a., renowned Spanish producer of spices has modernized its plant by employing future-proof SCADA system WinCC RT Professional.
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See how Thyssenkrupp and Siemens Solution Partner Focus have developed a plant ready for the age of digital factory using the SCADA System SIMATIC V7.
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When looking for a tunnel control system for the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the operators opted for the SCADA system WinCC Open Architecture.
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