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In factory automation as well in infrastructure applications, Siemens SCADA systems are redefining efficiency. Both SIMATIC WinCC Professional and WinCC V7 for operational management as well as SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture for applications with highly customer-specific adaptation requirements support international standards and platforms.

The SIMATIC SCADA portfolio

This makes it easy to integrate in existing hardware and provides for seamless integration in the IT world. Mobile solutions and innovative operating concepts ensure easy, rapid access to plant information, while extensive safety standards prevent operating errors.

SCADA Systems

SIMATIC WinCC Professional

SIMATIC WinCC Professional RT

With  WinCC Professional RT, Siemens offers a SCADA system which is perfectly integrated in the TIA Portal.The functional scope comprises visualization tasks close to the machine as well as SCADA applications on PC-based  multi-user systems.


WinCC V7

For process visualization tasks of highest complexity and SCADA applications e.g. with redundant architectures and vertical integration up to Plant Intelligence solutions SIMATIC WinCC V7 is the right choice.


SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture adresses solutions with highly customer specific adaptation requirements and specialised functions even on Non-Windows platforms, e.g in infrastructure or widely spread

SCADA options
In addition to the option packages available for each of the SCADA systems Siemens offers Software packages for central functional enhancements running independently from the version or even the chosen type of the basic SCADA system.

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SCADA-IPC Packages -
The system solution for optimizing production

SIMATIC SCADA systems and SIMATIC IPCs - the powerful and reliable platform for data acquisition, processing and visualization. The consistent and certified complete package of hard- and software offers highest quality for all industries.

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