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Presentation of the energy data

The up-to-date, acquired energy data is displayed as power averages/work values for each time interval (total value for the previous interval, current value of the current interval, extrapolated value for the end of the current interval). Load curve display enables analysis of archived energy data as well as its tabular representation.

Integration of measuring devices 7KM PAC3200/PAC4200

If the 7KM PAC3200/PAC4200 measuring devices are integrated, selected measured values can be displayed and alarms (current, voltage, pulse frequency too high) can be generated from the digital status information and displayed.

Integration of switches

Switch integration via digital inputs/outputs (DI/DO) supports display of the switch status (On, Off, tripped, unplugged).
With the appropriate authorization, switching is also possible via the faceplate. Switching takes place in a 2-step operation (switch command is issued, followed by a prompt for repeated confirmation; the switch command is not forwarded to the switch until confirmation has been received).