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Optimize energy consumption with SIMATIC powerrate

At plant level, SIMATIC powerrate for the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system and the SIMATIC WinCC process visualization system offers a convincing performance.

The software records all the energy-related consumption data of the plant, assigns the data to the consumer, visualizes it clearly, and saves it in the archive.

In this way, hidden savings potential can be reliably detected – for targeted energy consumption optimization.


  • Identification of energy-intensive equipment and processes to develop measures for improving energy efficiency.

  • Comparison of consumption profiles for more efficient processes.

  • Optimization of the company according to energy parameters, based on an evaluation of consumption and costs.

  • Compliance with the contractually agreed power limits, thus preventing higher power supply costs or penalty payments.

  • Integration of the 7KM PAC3200/4200 measuring devices for a clear overview of selected measured values and alarms.

  • Integration of switches with an overview of the switch status and the switching possibilities.

  • Accurate assignment and comparison of the consumption data of specific work processes or batches


SIMATIC powerrate comprises the following components::

  • Blocks for acquiring and conditioning energy data

  • Faceplates for displaying and editing energy data

  • Blocks for implementing load management (calculating the trend, monitoring the limit, releasing/inhibiting loads), batch-related consumption recording and for integrating measuring instruments and switches

  • Additional blocks – for example, for time synchronization, data backup, data exchange with archives

  • Faceplates for displaying results and entering values (e.g. for configuration, or manually measured values)

  • Excel-based reports for allocating energy data to cost centers, for batch-related evaluation and for determining and displaying the load duration curve

  • Exporting data to Excel