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Observing power limits  by intelligent load management

Contractually agreed power limits (in the case of electricity, normally the 15-minute average power value) must be observed, otherwise significantly higher supply prices or even penalty payments may become due to the energy supply company.

The load management feature of SIMATIC powerrate carries out cyclic trend calculations in order to issue warnings/alarms if violation of the limit is likely and to switch off loads in accordance with the given configuration should this be required. If a limit is exceeded despite this, the latest load management data is archived to enable future evaluation or analysis.To prevent unnecessary switching operations, numerous parameters are available for adapting the load management to the current process conditions - and all this can be done easily and conveniently via the faceplate.

For loads that are distributed over different PLCs, SIMATIC powerrate contains appropriate PLC-to-PLC communication blocks which can be used to integrate these loads into the load management system. Load management is scalable, according to the maximum number of loads to be integrated or monitored, for up to 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 loads. Load management can be performed for different media (e.g. electricity, gas) simultaneously.