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Economically generating reports for evaluation

For this purpose, selected energy data is read from archives (Tag Logging archive, user archives) from the WinCC Runtime database; using Microsoft Excel the following reports can then be generated:

Cost center report

Here the consumption can be allocated to different cost centers and the costs can be calculated on the basis of predefined tariffs. The results can be output by means of 2 reports in the form of tables or diagrams.

Load duration curve

An analysis is carried out on the basis of the archived power averages to establish how often a certain power average has occurred in a given period. It can be quickly detected from this characteristic curve whether temporary power peaks exist which can represent a possible starting point for cost savings by means of load management.

Batch report

his is used to allocate consumption to batches, whereby the data can be presented in chronological order or in order of batch name.

Further processing of the data

The archived data can be exported to Excel directly from WinCC using the export functions. The exported energy data can also be included in further customized processing. WinCC tools can be used to access the data from the WinCC archive..