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Data acquisition and processing

Using off-the-shelf modules, energy data can be collected from any Profibus-enabled devices. The data can be available on the modules in the form of counter pulses, counter values, or power values. From this data, the module calculates the power averages and the work values for a specified period. This data is archived in the WinCC tag logging archive. In addition, a limit forecast is extrapolated for each period. A sample function (heat calculation) that can be adapted to the needs of the process at any time by means of open interfaces, has been implemented for the purpose of visualizing customized calculations. The data from manually read counters can be entered direct into the system and used for further analysis.


  • Prefabricated constituents

  • Recording of professional bus and Profinet equipment

  • Metering pulses

  • Counted measurands

  • Speed ratings

  • Storage of the data in WinCC