SIMATIC Energy Suite – Energy transparency easy and integrated

Secure your company’s competitiveness with an automation-integrated
energy management solution

As integrated TIA Portal option, SIMATIC Energy Suite efficiently links energy management to automation which brings energy transparency to production. Configuration costs are significantly reduced due to the much easier configuration of energy-measuring components and automatic generation of the energy management program.

Thanks to the integral connection to SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO or the Energy Analytics service, the measured energy data can be seamlessly expanded to an ISO 50001 certified energy management system across different locations.

Secure your company's competitiveness

Efficient compliance with legal regulations

Legal regulations
  • Every company is obliged to comply with legal regulations regarding energy consumption

  • Utilize an energy management solution according to ISO 50001 with SIMATIC Energy Suite, SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO and measuring hardware of the SIMATIC, SENTRON, SINAMICS, SIRIUS and SIMOCODE ranges

  • Create integrated transparency throughout your production’s energy flows

Reduction of operating costs

Reduce operating costs
  • Successfully restrain your company’s rising energy costs

  • Minimize your energy costs through reduced consumption and identification of “energy eaters”

  • SIMATIC Energy Suite provides all required energy data from the production process

Assurance of competitive advantage

Assure competitive advantage
  • Increase your competitiveness through continuously reduced energy costs

  • Government grants and tax concessions for energy and electricity taxes create financial leeway for investments in the core business

  • Improve your market value and your company’s image through a certified energy management system according to ISO 50001

SIMATIC Energy Suite: Consistent and integrated into the TIA Portal

Consistent and integrated into the TIA Portal

Your advantages at a glance

As operator

▪ Energy transparency
  through interlinking of energy and production

▪ Consistency

  from detection to management

▪ Investment protection

  through integration and continuous
  advancement in the TIA Portal

As configuration engineer

▪ Easy configuration
  through easy and intuitive engineering
  integrated in the TIA Portal

▪ Efficient realization
  through automatic generation of the
  energy program

▪ One platform

  for automation and energy management

▪ Scalability
  From the production machine down to plant-spanning energy management, through connection to
  SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO

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TIA Portal

TIA Portal

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO*

Totally Integrated Automation Portal – More than an engineering framework

As a machine builder or plant operator you’ll benefit from shorter time-to-market with the help of simulation tools and other feature, as well as increased productivity thanks to additional diagnostic and energy management functions. Connection to the management level gives you greater flexibility.

Take advantage of these and other possibilities in the TIA Portal. It’s more than an engineering framework – it’s your perfect gateway to automation in the digital enterprise.

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Increase your company’s efficiency with the suitable ISO50001-certified
company-wide solution

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO will support you in using energy efficiently and minimizing your energy costs throughout your company. Energy efficiency is a key issue for production companies. Rising energy prices and new legal requirements demand systematic and economical energy management.

This allows potential for saving to be detected and energy efficiency to be improved consistently throughout the company. This is particularly worthwhile for industrial companies.
With SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO, you can achieve transparency in  your energy consumption and can reconcile your ecological and economic aims.

* SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO is the innovated successor of SIMATIC B.Data.

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