Successful energy-data management

Globally increasing energy costs are becoming more and more of a challenge for companies – and thus also an important factor for overall success and for job safety. Increasing energy prices and a heightened sensitivity of the public towards environmental aspects mean that effective energy management plays an increasingly important role in the success of a company and thereby also contributes to the sustainability of the company.

Here improved energy controlling and the reduction of energy costs are the main challenges. Industrial companies are still struggling with a lack of transparency in their infrastructure processes, changing cost centers and heterogeneous system landscapes, as well as with laborious energy reporting systems.

With B.Data, Siemens offers you a unique, holistic and proven state-of-the-art solution for optimized and economical energy system management.

  • Transparency in the company based on cost centers – in which any changes made during the year are correctly displayed – helps to identify saving potentials, which in turn forms the basis for the optimization of planning and acquisition activities and thus effectively reduces costs

  • Flexible interfaces guarantee a smooth integration into existing system environments

  • Maximum independence in adjustment and utilization at user level makes it possible to react quickly to modified requirements and to respond with flexible reporting.

  • Optimal consulting in top Siemens quality supports your company and ensures comprehensive knowhow for all requirements and functions

Energy management -The challenge of the future

he secret of success lies in accurate, automatic data acquisition and processing, as well as in seamless energy balancing for power generation and consumption plants.With B.Data you can rely on a mature, holistic management tool for more effective energy management which covers all relevant areas from purchasing to controlling and thereby ensures efficient energy and cost controlling.

Comprehensive. Easy. And reliable.

  • Sustainability - B.Data generates indicators for substantiated statements on increases in the efficiency of power generation and distribution systems

  • Efficiency - B.Data B.Data enables cost-by-cause-based energy cost distribution and allocation

  • Productivity -  B.Data provides planning reliability through production-related load and consumption forecasts

  • Professionality - B.Data supports the purchasing department in energy procurement

  • Responsibility -  B.Data fulfills legal obligations, such as for the monitoring and reporting on greenhouse gas emissions

  • Integration - As an option package for SIMATIC WinCC and PCS 7, B.Data is integrated into the overall portfolio, but can also run as a stand-alone and be connected to other systems.