Our task: making the LNG process chain more cost-effective

Gas is fueling the world economy and it’s importance will rise. Unconventional gas is an additional driver. The market for liquefied natural gas (LNG) will continue its dynamic growth in the coming years.

To make LNG even more attractive, improvements in reliability, efficiency, and environmental impact of the entire LNG process chain are required to allow cost-effective use of deposits. As a leading technology supplier, Siemens is at the forefront of this development. Our components equip all kind of concepts: mechanical drive LNG, all-electric LNG, floating LNG, small and mid-sized LNG facilities. And Dresser-Rand offers a modularized, re-deployable natural gas liquefaction plant capable of producing 6,000 gallons of LNG per day.

Transcanada pipeline


Our goal: components for every LNG application

From boil-off gas solutions to small and mid-sized LNG plants, Siemens offers comprehensive solutions for the entire value chain of natural gas, including solutions for liquefaction and boil-off gas plants. Midsize LNG plants are the answer for the LNG spot market, allowing for lower CAPEX and higher ROI than traditional LNG plants.

For receiving terminals, Siemens offers a comprehensive power supply, automation, drive and IT approach – all from a single source. Dedicated plant packages include integrated automation and control solutions for unloading, storage plants, storage tanks, boil-off gas compression, vaporizer systems, and send-out. And with its modular midsize LNG concept, Siemens provides cost-effective systems for small and mid-sized plants.

Our offer: modular solutions for highest production efficiency

LNGo™ Portable LNG Plant

Micro scale LNG production: Dresser-Rand LNGo™ System

Dresser-Rand’s LNGo™ system is a modularized, re-deployable natural gas liquefaction plant capable of producing up to 30,000 gallons of LNG per day. This point-of-use production plant is a standardized product made up of packaged modules that work together to offer a decentralized, distributed approach to meet the growing demand for LNG fueling. The LNGo system is comprised of quality, proven legacy products from Dresser-Rand and Siemens including a Dresser-Rand MOS™ reciprocating compressor, a Dresser-Rand Guascor® generator set, and control, monitoring, and safety systems to offer a new liquefaction process that can be installed and operating within months.

Gas-turbine-driven boil-off gas turbocompressor

Innovative technology: gas-turbine-driven boil-off gas turbocompressor

For this application, the compressor is equipped with variable inlet guide vane (IGV) control technology, providing maximum flexibility while capable of handling the BOG volume fluctuation range. Load balancing between BOG compressor and LNG mixed refrigerant compressor permits the use of identical mechanical drive gas turbines. The Siemens SGT-700 gas turbine burns natural gas with up to 40 percent N2 (nitrogen) content, while still minimizing atmospheric emissions through the use of a dry low emissions combustion system.

all-electric LNG

Improving productivity: all-electric LNG

Compared to directly-coupled heavy duty gas turbines for the main refrigeration string, the Siemens all-electric LNG concept is based on large, fully electrical compressor trains that allow for process control and a decrease in energy consumption. The corresponding reduced maintenance improves the LNG plant’s availability. To increase power generation efficiency, gas turbines can be used in combined cycle.

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