Our task: enable better decisions with smart data

As a leading software provider, Siemens is a key driver of digitalization across all industries. For the oil and gas market this means Siemens can help you optimize the entire value-added chain from production to transmission to refining of hydrocarbons. Automated processes produce data and data analytics based on software tools can improve decision making – for reduced costs and and a longer life-cycle of your equipment.

Siemens fields of technology


Our goal: Safe and efficient oil and gas operations

Digitalization enables the integration of individual process steps over the entire plant lifecycle – from engineering and operation to continuous optimization. Siemens solutions are seamlessly integrated, from automation to MES and ERP level. They deliver data consistency across all lifecycle phases, resulting in greater transparency, process safety, and reduced time to market.

Our offer: data integration from engineering to operation

Siemens offers  a suite of powerful software products to help optimize the safety and efficiency of your operation. Our technology includes upstream project planning, comprehensive monitoring of pressure relief systems and cutting-edge methodologies to improve your  process safety management process. Our software can be customized with personalized dashboards and scalable platforms to help you meet any challenge.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Enterprise Technology for Oil and Gas: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Product lifecycle management provides EPCs, owners, and operators in the oil and gas industry with advanced tools for managing projects and controlling costs on capital projects.

Oil and Gas Manager

Planning and calculating with the Oil and Gas Manager

This engineering-based software design tool delivers a complete technical definition and capital cost estimates for oil and gas projects. It can be used for offshore shallow or deep-water facilities and pipelines (fixed, floating, or subsea) as well as onshore gathering and processing facilities and pipelines.

RUGGEDCOM industrial communication

Securing operational efficiency with XHQ

Securing operational efficiency with XHQ
XHQ aggregates operating data, subjects it to goal-oriented processing, and links it in real time with business-relevant data to achieve the highest level of performance and efficient plant operation. While XHQ provides the software platform, expert consultants from Siemens adjust it to your specific requirements and facilities.

Integrated operations with COMOS

Forward-looking: Integrated operations with COMOS

With its unique COMOS data platform, Siemens provides plant engineers, construction companies, and operators with a seamless information flow of project-relevant data across all business levels and and project stages. Thanks to the perfect coordination of all engineering and operations domains, this results in higher transparency, more efficient workflows and thus an increase in productivity and quality.