Ruggedness and stability

PROFINET ensures that data is reliably transferred unaffected by external sources of interference.

The brick manufacturer Wienerberger GmbH relies on reliable, fully automated real-time control of the drying ovens and furnaces in a harsh environment.

An automation network must be able to withstand most external sources of interference. The use of Switched Ethernet prevents faults in one section of the network from influencing the entire plant network. PROFINET enables the use of fiber-optic cables especially for areas that are critically sensitive to EMI.


  • -The use of Switched Ethernet always allows a point-to-point connection.

  • -Shielded cables and the use of fiber-optic cables guarantee immunity to electromagnetic influences.

  • -Auto-negotiation and auto-crossover reduce potential errors during commissioning and maintenance.


  • -Cable reflections and wiring problems (for example, when a terminating resistor is missing) do not occur with PROFINET.

  • -Connection problems always only affect two points and not an entire line. Errors can be located immediately.

  • -The use of PROFINET is also possible without any problems in EMI-critical areas.